Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared.

- Buddha

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Psychotherapy & Coaching: What is the Difference?

Sexual Abuse & the Discovery
of Hidden Treasures

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Sexual Abuse &
the Discovery of Hidden Treasures

Having been through the healing aspects of psychotherapy, it is time to look at the treasures you possess that have been hidden from yourself since the abuse began.

The scars of childhood sexual abuse continue to affect one’s life. As a survivor, you may be familiar with loss of trust and love, accompanied by nagging fear, anxiety, guilt, shame, anger and confusion that are so familiar to the inner world of the survivor. Yes, each primary relationship, and continues to be effected by this demon that the abuser has passed along.

Throughout the journey of self discovery and love, navigation of relationships is fraught with difficulty. Both trust and loving intimacy seem out of reach. Now there is an answer.

Loving yourself means honoring the treasures hidden in your beautiful soul and loving spirit.

Do you still wonder, why did he/she choose ME to abuse? The perpetrator has a keen sense of sensitive souls that will absorb and accept their shame at the sacrifice of self. So, in essence, you were picked because you possess kindness and sweetness in your heart and soul.

With healing comes the release of relief, of renewed hope, of the inner peace so long forgotten…followed by gaining mastery of asking for help, knowing you are deserved and receiving with love.

Creative spirits believe in the goodness of others; it is time to embrace your goodness, to love and embrace you.

Reclaim your innocence. Allow yourself to blossom into the magnificent adult you are. You will discover new found freedom to know what YOU want. You will live in a virtual playground in your mind. Learn how to have unlimited imagination with known fears that no longer rule your life, but rather lead you to creative freedom in making responsible choices. Allowing yourself to feel free allows you to claim your birthright of being loved.

Connie is an expert on the recovery of childhood sexual abuse. For over 25 years, she has helped client after client to come to terms with the shame and rage of childhood sexual abuse and to embrace continued recovery and the rewards such freedom brings.