Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time. Vision with action can change the world.

- Joel A Barker

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Psychotherapy & Coaching: What is the Difference?

Sexual Abuse & the Discovery
of Hidden Treasures

Self-Assessment Questionnaire

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If Coaching is Not Yet for You

If Coaching is Not Yet for You

What was the reason you began therapy?
Identification of specific intentions will provide clarity for both you and your therapist. Are you working on specific problems or issues with clear goals in mind?

Has your therapist “assigned” you a diagnosis?
A diagnosis is required for insurance payment, originating from the medical model of treatment. Find out if your therapist uses a diagnosis as a structure for the process of your treatment and how this diagnosis is or is not an integral part of the therapeutic process.

How often do you go and do you have a clear focus in between sessions?
Insight and safety will take place in the session, but living these insights in the world and actively in relationships outside of therapy will be your way to make change happen! Is part of your therapy spent understanding how therapy is improving your life?

Are you currently on medication? If so, what kind, dose, how long? Does your therapist consult with your medical professional on a regular basis?
Have a plan with your support team. Be an active participant in your life and what goes into your body!

Do you experience your relationship with your therapist as safe and open to direct communication about the relationship?
By design, the therapeutic relationship serves as a “mirror” of self, within a safe relationship focused specifically on the needs of the client. (If you feel this is not happening, speak with your therapist immediately. Clear boundaries are essential. Without clear boundaries, the essence of therapy is already lost.)

Do you feel you are progressing through treatment?
This brings you back to the reason you began treatment. Is healings in the forefront? Stay focused and expect to feel better!